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California Court of Appeals Holds Entry Statute Unconstitutional

In a recent case, Property Reserve, Inc. v Superior Court, 224 Cal.App.4th 828 (2014), the Third District California Court of Appeal ruled that entry statutes are unconstitutional when the activities for which the entry is sought constitute an intentional taking of property without the full protections afforded by a condemnation action. More specifically, the Court ruled that the pre-entry condemnation statutes, (found in Code of Civil Procedure sections 1245.010 et seq.) violate the takings provisions of article I, section 19 of the California Constitution. These entry statutes were enacted in 1976 and… read more

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Appellate Division Second Department Renders Important Decision in Mazur Brothers

The Appellate Division, Second Department, handed down a decision on May 21, 2014, effectively ending 8 years of litigation and awarding compensation to the Claimants, Mazur Brothers Realty, LLC. Mazur Brothers Realty LLC were the fee owner of property located at 80 Lake Street and 90 Lake Street, White Plains, New York. Mazur Brothers, Inc., was the tenant at both properties and operated a well-known furniture business on the premises prior to title vesting. The property was taken in connection with a project to improve the Cross Westchester Expressway. Litigation… read more

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Recent Decision Values Atlantic Yards Property at 9 Million

Recent Decision Values Atlantic Yards Property at 9 Million Goldstein, Rikon, Rikon & Houghton recently received a decision awarding one of its clients $9,186,000, plus interest, for damages resulting from a fee taking which occurred on March 1, 2010 in connection with the Atlantic Yards development project. The property consisted of a 20,738 square foot lot, with frontage on Atlantic Avenue and a rear lot adjoining the Long Island Railroad tracks. The property was zoned M1-1 and was vacant at the time of title vesting. The case was tried by… read more

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The Time Has Come to Stop the State’s Improper Deposit of Advance Payments

By: Jonathan Houghton Every State appropriation that we are aware of now starts with an automatic, unexplained deposit of the advance payment. This conduct is as egregious as it is pervasive. The State fails to provide any advance notice and refuses to tell the Claimant when the deposit was made or why. The Claimant first learns the “when” and the “why” when the State submits an Answer. And often times, the purported rationale is questionable. Unless a court intervenes and stops this improper conduct, the State’s automatic deposits of the… read more

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Michael Rikon Authors NYLJ Article: “More on Discovery of Prior Appraisals”

Michael Rikon recently authored an article in the New York Law Journal discussing the use of prior appraisals in eminent domain litigation proceedings. In the article, Mr. Rikon explains under Eminent Domain Procedure Law section 303, the condemning authority must authorize an advance payment based on its highest approved appraisal. However, often times at trial, the condemnor will introduce a subsequent appraisal at a lower amount, exposing the claimants  to a potential judgment if the trial court accepts the state’s appraisal as the fair market value on title vesting date…. read more

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