33rd Annual Advanced ALI CLE Course on Eminent Domain and Land Valuation Litigation 2016

Joshua Rikon will be presenting a course called, Motions Practice: Define, Narrow, Win, at the ALI CLE on eminent domain this Thursday, January 28, 2016.

Mr. Rikon will be discussing multiple topics including, dismissal of untimely claims and appraisal reports, motions to preclude appraisal evidence on factual grounds, and motions to preclude appraisal evidence on legal grounds.  Mr. Rikon will conclude with other ways to limit issues at trial, including stipulating to issues and requesting bifurcated trials.

Mr. Rikon will be joined by Joshua E. Baker, Esq. of Waldo & Lyle, P.C., Norfolk, Virginia, and Mark M. Murakami, Esq. of Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert, L.C., Honolulu, Hawaii.  All three speakers are Owner’s Counsel of America, a network of experienced eminent domain attorneys dedicated to defending the rights of private property owners in the United States.

The program details of the conference can be found here:


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