The Infrastructure Fund: Will Critical Projects Ever Be Built?

The infrastructure bill that could move critical projects has stalled over funding.  For years there has been a backlog of needed repairs and upgrades to highways, bridges and roads.  An infusion of $600 billion in new federal aid could change the status in President Biden’s unprecedented overhaul of the Country’s aging public works system.  There is a sprawling $1 trillion infrastructure package whose future is uncertain.

Will the funding be available?  According to the New York Times, the measure’s fate is in limbo as various factions of the Democratic Party have clashed over whether to pass the bill before a $3.5 trillion spending plan.  Needless to say, the Republicans are also opposing the plan.

The project included large projects in Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.

The projects will certainly necessitate condemnation of private land to accomplish completion.


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