The Saga of the Texas Bullet Train

          The proposed Dallas to Houston bullet train spans a large area in Texas.  The train will be able to transport riders from Houston to Dallas in 90 minutes.  But the project is stalled pending approval of the Federal Railroad Administration and property owners fighting eminent domain.

          According to an article in today’s “The Dallas Morning News,” the opposition arises in areas in between the cities.  Certainly, these property owners have nothing to be excited about.

          Interesting is the concern voiced by many of their fear that people who live in areas near the proposed route will see their property values drop.  This is a true “consequential” damage similar to having a high voltage power line placed across your back yard.  The takings will also most probably cause severance damages to the remainder.  A typical severance damage is loss of access.

          The Texas Central train line is awaiting approval from the Federal Railroad Administration and the State of Texas.  When Texas Central gets approval from the State, it can then use eminent domain to build the line.  But even this is under challenge.  The question of whether Texas Central is a railroad with eminent domain powers will be litigated.  One thing is for certain, there will be a lot more to be heard before Texas Central can go “chug-a-chug.”

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