We Don’t Need No Stinking Facts: The Incredible Misinformation of the Media, Eviction at Sheikh Jarrah

Hamas, an Islamist group that seized control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, has launched 1500 rockets into Israel so far.  The flash point for this violence is a simple land dispute in East Jerusalem.


The East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah was the location of the eviction of several Palestinian families following a ruling from Jerusalem’s District Court.  The families were represented by counsel.  An appeal has been taken to Israel’s Supreme Court.  But before the appeal can be heard, Palestinian Arabs have rioted nightly with violent eruptions across the city, including at some of Jerusalem’s holiest sites.


Hamas joined in with its usual viciousness launching 1500 rockets towards Israel, including, according to the Wall Street Journal, 350 that fell short and landed in Gaza.  Israel’s response has been intense with 500 targets in Gaza struck with destruction of high-rise apartment buildings.


According to an article written by Erielle Davidson in The National Review, “The Truth About the Sheikh Jarrah Eviction,” many American and foreign newspapers have exhibited an incredible intellectual laziness with shameless misinformation.  First of all, there is no scandal.  Everything proceeded according to the law in litigated judicial proceedings.


For starters, the title to the land never belonged to the Palestinian Arabs currently residing on the property.  As Ms. Davidson stated, “[t]here is nothing pernicious happening beyond a standard landlord eviction of non-paying tenants.


The media reports, as previously stated, were shameless misinformation.  For instance, Representative Ocasio-Cortez labeled the evictions “inhumane.”


The land in question was sequestered land that eventually was returned to its lawful Jewish owners following an end to Jordanian occupation.


As stated by Ari Bell from the Kohelet Policy Forum, “Given that the land in question belongs to Israeli Jews, it is remarkable that those calling for a halt to the evictions do so on the basis that Jewish property rights ought not be recognized.”


Folks, this phony issue is just a normal instance of landlords asserting their property rights over tenants whose leases have expired or who refuse to pay their rent, both of which apply to current Palestinian-Arab tenants who are facing eviction.  This is just a verdict on the lawfulness of tenants staying beyond their lease and refusing to pay their rent.  It might be well if we ask Representative Ocasio-Cortez to visit landlord and tenant Court in Queens.


Meanwhile, because of the violence, the Supreme Court in Israel has delayed the hearing that could have determined whether the Palestinian families will be evicted.  It should be noted that Israel proceeds according to its law, not violence.

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