Wind Power Transmission Lines: Up in The Air

Stopping the construction of wind generated energy is a growing trend in America.

The Missouri legislature is considering a law that would outlaw utility companies taking land through eminent domain.  The Missouri House passed a bill 123-33 last week that would eliminate condemnation for a utility line.  The bill was specifically designed to block a project, “The Grain Belt Express.”  The project is a private venture that would take wind generated energy from Kansas and transmit it across Missouri.  The project will transport up to 4,000 megawatts of energy from Kansas through Missouri and Illinois to Indiana.

Iowa and Illinois are considering similar measures.

Proponents of The Grain Belt Express have said it could be a good way to increase use of clean energy and avoid power disruptions.  But there is no question that the eminent domain and “construction of the proposed transmission” line will damage hundreds of acres of farmland.

The measure now goes to the Missouri Senate for debate.

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