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          The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution requires the court to award just and fair compensation.  But goodwill is rarely compensated.  Rather the courts will utilize a market approach unless property is truly unique, or to be exactly operated as before by the condemnor.  Matter of Nassau County (Lido Boulevard), 43 AD2d 45 (2d Dept 1973), afd. 39 NY2d 958 (1976).           State and federal courts have long ignored the mandate to pay just compensation for the goodwill of a business.  In New York, trade fixtures used for… read more

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“I’VE GOT THE HORSE RIGHT HERE” Condemning a Racetrack By Michael Rikon

The City of Baltimore has commenced eminent domain proceedings to condemn the Preakness Stakes horse race and the Pimlico racetrack.  It seems that the owners were intent on moving the Preakness Race out of the City.  The racetrack is in a rundown condition.  The Maryland Stadium Authority issued a report saying the Pimlico track should be torn down and rebuilt at a cost of $424 million.            Maryland law requires that the track be in Baltimore except for disaster or emergency.  Among the various charges levied is that the owners… read more

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