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The Keystone Pipeline is Dead

The keystone pipeline was an oil pipeline system in Canada and the United States commissioned in 2010 and owned by TC Energy it was to run from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in Alberta to refineries in Illinois and Texas and also to Cushing Oklahoma. The pipeline had significant opposition from environmentalists. In 2015, it was temporarily delayed by President Barack Obama. On January 20,2021 President Donald Trump took executive action to move the project forward. On January 2021 President Joe Biden signed an executive order to revoke the permit…. read more

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The “Big Beautiful Wall” and Its Ugly Damages

President Biden ordered a freeze on further wall construction and acquisitions until his administration can sort things out.  The Trump administration rushed through its fence wall building program by utilizing a section of the Real ID Act of 2005 that empowers the head of the Department of Homeland Security “to waive legal requirements” the Secretary “determines necessary to ensure expeditious construction of the barriers and roads” at the border.  That allowed the former administration to suspend 84 separate laws and regulations and proceed without considering the damage it was causing… read more

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Never Be Bound by What the Condemnor Declares in a Taking

We witness more and more State appropriations where the NYDOT declares on its appropriation map that the taking is “Temporary.”  Yet, after the filing of the map and ergo the appropriation, the State alters the land in such a way that it is severely damaged.  The new roadway may limit access onto the remainder; it may reduce parking, or otherwise permanently physically alter the property. The scope of an easement is generally determined by the four corners of the taking documents themselves.  LIRR v LILCO, 64 NY2d 1088, 1089 (1985). … read more

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          I recently tried a claim which involved the taking of an easement on a beach front property.  The taking was to build a protective dune on Fire Island.           The dune was part of a federally funded program developed after Hurricane Sandy.  The County claimed that the dune was a special benefit to the property.  Let’s define the terms:           Nichols on Eminent Domain, Third Ed., Sec. 8A.04(2) provides, “General benefits are those benefits which result from the fulfilment of the public project which necessitated the taking and are… read more

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A news story run by CBS News on August 6, 2018 reports that a former owner of land in the Bronx is fighting to get the land back from the City of New York.  The property, a 13,000 square foot parcel on Boston Road, was taken in 1967 apparently for a street widening. He has commenced a lawsuit because nothing was done with the property.  His attorney is hopeful that the City will work something out.  I am less sanguine of the results.  Under New York State Eminent Domain Procedure… read more

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