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When A Park Just Isn’t A Park

We represent Brinkmann Hardware Corp. which owns a wooded lot in Mattituck, Suffolk County.  The family-owned business operates four hardware stores across Long Island.  The Town of Southold has used every trick to prevent the construction of the Mattituck hardware store, including imposing a nonsense moratorium. Southold lost every round in Court, so what does it do when it cannot stop construction, authorize condemning the land. The Institute for Justice filed suit in Federal District Court to stop the condemnation alleging a violation of due process and the Fifth Amendment. … read more

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          Arguing that the project will benefit a private party and that the proposed condemnation will there by violate the constitutional restraints against the condemning private party to give another private party will fail as long as it could be said the public purpose is dominant.  See Waldo’s, Inc. v Vill. Of Johnson City, 74 NY2d 718, 720 (1989); see also Yonkers Cmty. Dev. Agency v Morris, 27 NY2d 478, 482 (1975).           Virtually any purpose will be acceptable including the condemnation of a historic waterfront for a shopping mall… read more

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